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My new site is coming soon!

I`m a maker and restorer of fine string instruments. I`m quite specialised in Double Basses, however I work with the whole strings family, from Violins to Viols.

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Here's a little about what I'm up to.

As I'm very busy quite now, I had to postpone the overhauling of the new site. Till there, you can safely browse my legacy website, It's not updated by a while, so you can easily miss something if you are searching for information on latest news in regard my work.
Hovewer, you'll find precious insight about my workmanship and information about many of the model I offer.
You can always stay uptodate with my work on my facebook page

Beside basses, cellos and alike, you'll find as well information about my Contrabassettos, a special kind of instrument I invented and developed during the last ten years, which are devoted to the travelling double bassist.

I'm glade you visited my site, so if you have some question, you can contact me though some social links - upper right corner... - or using my contact information, in the contact page. Thank you!


Get in touch.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +55 21 987557070